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The customized Apache 1.2.6 Web Server

All Virtual Server HTTP service is now provided by the new modified Apache 1.2.6 Web Server. This new web server is one of the most significant advances of Virtual Server technology ever made. Performance is markedly better than our previous, already cutting edge web servers and functionality is nothing less than state-of-the-art.
Performance advancements made to the modified Apache Web Server include more efficient handling of HTTP requests, improved protection against process loading, and better error recovery. These improvements have reduced CPU load balances up to three times on many of the Virtual Server host machines. Of course, that directly translates to even faster downloads and better performance from your Web site!
We already offered the most flexible and functional Virtual Server web servers around before the new modified Apache 1.2.6 web server was introduced. In addition to complete access to your own configuration files, cgi-bin, and logfiles, new functionality now includes:

Dynamic Module Support
This provides you with the ability to extend the features and capabilities of Apache by adding the specific modules you need, when you need them. User-installable dynamic modules include improved web server functionality, integrated support for Perl5 and PHP3, and much, much more.

User-Installable Digital Certificates
You can install your digital certificate for your secure web server (SSL).
No other hosting service even approaches this level of flexibility and functionality.

Additional Information

See the Apache web site for an informative and thorough presentation on the Apache 1.2.6 Web Server.



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