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Installing and Configuring an E-mail Autoreply
To install the autoreply software, Telnet or SSH to your Virtual Server and do the following:
Copy the "autoreply" program from "/usr/local/contrib" to your "usr/bin" directory:
% cp /usr/local/contrib/autoreply ~/usr/bin/autoreply
Make sure it executable:
% chmod 775 ~/usr/bin/autoreply
To configure an autoreply for a e-mail account on your Virtual Server, do the following:
Create an autoreply message (the message sent back to the customer) in your home directory (pico is an easy-to-use editor):
% pico ~/.autoreply
Add something like the following to your "etc/aliases" file:
"|/usr/bin/autoreply -f info-reply -a info"
Run vnewaliases to update your etc/aliases.db file.
When e-mail is recieved at info@DOMAIN_NAME, an autoreply containing the message in the ~/.autoreply file will be sent back.
Use the -m option to specify a different message file (i.e. "autoreply -m /etc/mymessage"). Be sure you use the full path from your Virtual Server's home directory.
The -f option allows you to change who the autoreply message will be from (in the example above the "From:" field the customer gets will read "info-reply@DOMAIN_NAME").
The -a option specifies a user that an autoreply can reply for. The user specified should be the same as the user configured for the autoreply (i.e. "info: ... -a info").
NOTE: If you are creating an autoreply for an e-mail alias in your virtmaps file, the username after the -a should be the e-mail alias in the virtmaps file as well, not the e-mail alias in the aliases file.
In the example above mail sent to "info@DOMAIN_NAME" will also be sent to "NAME@DOMAIN_NAME". Without the "NAME@DOMAIN_NAME", the mail from the customer would not be sent to "NAME@DOMAIN_NAME".



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