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Virtual Sub-Hosting, is one of the most powerful features of our Virtual Server System. This feature allows you to support multiple domain names that each resolve to their own unique subdirectories on a single Virtual Server. In other words, you can host "bob.com" and "jim.com" on the same Virtual Server, each with its own domain name and unique site content. You can also offer each subhosted customer their own unique FTP login with access to their own subdirectory and e-mail addresses using their own domain name.
This feature is offered free of charge for the Virtual Subhosts you maintain. For performance reasons, we have established guidelines with regard to the number of Virtual Subhosts you can place on a single Virtual Server. These guidelines are in place so that the performance of your own server, and the other sites that you subhost on the server, is not compromised. 
Number of Subhosts for Each Server Type
Server A:  Up to 5 subhosts
Server B:  Up to 25 subhosts
Server C:  Up to 60 subhosts
When used correctly, Virtual Subhosting offers you a powerful, low-cost product that you can use to get your "foot in the door" with prospective clients.
Or start your own ISP web hosting service with your Virtual Server using the Subhosting feature. superHost stays in the background, allowing you to build your own successful Internet business.
We will add a new domain name (Virtual Subhost) to an existing Virtual Server for a one time $25 setup fee per domain name. You can request an additional domain name for a Virtual Server you administer by contacting customer support.



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