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Create E-mail and FTP User Accounts
The following commands deal directly with users and their profiles. Each command is explained in detail later:
  • vadduser: Adds and modifies users
  • vlistuser: Lists all users on your Virtual Server
  • vrmuser: Removes a specified user
  • vpasswd: Changes password for a user
    Adding Users

Use "vadduser" to add users and modify existing users' profiles.
From a Telnet prompt, enter "vadduser." This action displays a series of fields to fill in after beginning with the following command example:
% vadduser
Enter the username
Enter E-mail/FTP Password.
Retype new password:
Enter User's Full Name followed by a return. Use less than 80 characters and no ':' characters.
Enter the Account Services that the user's accounts uses, including: FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for uploading/downloading files
E-mail services including POP, IMAP, and SMTP
Enter the service name (FTP or Mail) to toggle the services for the account.
Enter a positive or negative response to the question "Do you want to add service options like quotas to this account?"
Enter FTP quota for this account in MB (0 for no quota).
Enter a numerical response for the question "Where would you like to put the user's home directory?"
Enter "1" for an E-mail account home directory (/usr/home/username).
Enter "2" for a web-hosted account home directory (/usr/local/etc/httpd/htdocs/username).
Enter "3" for an anonymous FTP home directory (/ftp/pub/username).
Or enter in any custom path.
NOTE: Running the vadduser script is straightforward with one exception: the account services (FTP and Mail). These services are added to this users account by default. Don't enter anything, just hit enter for the user to have FTP and E-mail. For the user to have FTP- only access, enter mail. For the user to have Mail-only access, enter FTP and hit enter. If you need to add a service, enter FTP or mail to toggle it on.
Modifying Existing Users
Run vadduser again.
Specify the username.
Vadduser detects the user by name, then asks you if you want to modify the user account. Proceed through the Vadduser fields by answering the questions.
Other Commands
vlistuser lists the users you have added to the Virtual Server. It lists the name, userid, home directory and E- mail/FTP quotas.
vrmuser removes a user from your Virtual Server. To run vrmuser, enter the command at a Telnet prompt.
vpasswd changes a users password. To run vpasswd type vpasswd username at a Telnet prompt.



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